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Dark Art ANYONE?

LAD Black_ZFree 3.jpg
Looking for some dark art for your bright space?  You have come to the right place!
Artist, Zev Free created these dark illustrations that will engage you with its intricate lines and creepy details. 
These fine art poster prints are produced from Zev's original drawings: 
Laughing at Death was hand-drawn in black ink in its original version white. 
It is available for sale as an 18" X 24" fine art poster print in its original colour white, as well as its inverse black--together they create a Diptych.
Witches Sabbath is a scratch board illustration Zev drew with a pin on black scratchboard paper.
It is available for sale as an 18" x 22" fine art poster print.
These posters are a 'semi-gloss satin photo paper'
a thick quality paper perfect for framing!
$30 each.
LAD white_ZFree.jpg
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