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The Art and the Artist

About Zephaniah Free

Zev is a talented illustrator.

Zev creates hand-drawn designs in black ink,

produces engraving and etchings in wood;

and is most skilled in traditional illustration with

pencil, charcoal, ink and acrylic paints.

Zev has a BA in Medieval Studies

from the University of Victoria

West Coast City ZFree 2014_edited.jpg
Pacific Sunset ZFree 2013_edited.jpg
Lizard King ZFree 2013_edited.jpg

Pyrographic Art

    Zephaniah Free has created some pyrographic art.  This is done with a heating element

and various metal attachments. 


When these are applied to wood,

scorches and burns are shaped into images. 


This is a slow and meditative process,

the results are very bold and tactile images. 

Skull Water ZFree 2014.jpeg

Always an Artist

    Zephaniah Free has always been fascinated by pictures.  The minute details of images, every mark, every nuance, each and every detail would speak to him.  As a youth, Zephaniah would fill notebooks with images he'd copied from comics, magazines and from books.  Later he created journals that featured maps, diagrams and drawings.   His subjects were always the strange and mysterious, to which Zephaniah was drawn.  Some of the subjects "investigated" were ghosts, vampires and mummies.  Sometimes these obsessions would require more than one volume, as was the case with Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster.  

Zephaniah's early interests express his fascination with the world of the mysterious and unusual.  The notebooks he created also reflect his obsession with image.  The corners of the notebooks featured flip-page animations.  These novelties included a famous "walking Bigfoot"and familiar images of "Nessie", the LochNess Monster.  When the pages were flipped through quickly they would animate the creature depicted.  Today this fascination with the strange and unusual subjects and his obsession with image are the cornerstone of his art.  

Zephaniah is motivated by the sense of accomplishment in the creative process.  The notebooks he created in his youth formed a library that fuelled his obsessions.  Today his work, the challenges, the process, the intensity are the fuel of his passion for creating.  Each completed project is an accomplishment that inspires the next project.

Zephaniah works with all types of media (Charcoal, Ink, or etching), though acrylic paint is a favorite. 

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1911 ZFree 2014_edited.jpg
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