Meet The Artists
a Couple in Love, with Art.

Xaanja Free, BA Art History Minor Education (UVIC)

Xaanja Free

Xaanja is a design thinker.


Xaanja creates traditional art as well as digital products.  She creates beaded art, prints from linocut designs,

enjoys painting with acrylics, drawing with charcoal, and

working with papercrafts and wire sculpture.

Xaanja has a BA in Art History with a Minor in Education from the University of Victoria

Zephaniah Free, BA Medieval Studies (UVIC)

Zephaniah Free

Zev is a talented illustrator.

Zev creates hand-drawn designs in black ink,

produces engraving and etchings in wood;

and is most skilled in traditional illustration with

pencil, charcoal, ink and acrylic paints.

Zev has a BA in Medieval Studies

from the University of Victoria

Two Artists with Different Styles

One Shop to Share Creative Works

for One Family to be Sustained.

We are a couple in love, with art.

Vancouver BC Canada