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Nature is Free




Each card is printed individually for you with 2 colours of your choice


  • the option to 'sparkle' your card~when the paint is wet, Xaanja will sprinkle sparkle dust over your card so it dries within the paint and shines within the design.


Each card is unique, no two are identical

Cards are individually handprinted onto 110lb cardstock paper with Speedball paints using Xaanja's 4x6 inch linocut design.


Card Dimensions:  8.5 inches tall by 5.6 inches wide.

*Cards are blank inside, they include an envelope with insert about the creation and meaning of the design, as well as information about the Artist, Xaanja Free. 

$20 per card.  


*regardless of the colour pallete choice for your card, the price stays the same per card.

These cards can be framed as individual art pieces, for no two are alike!

Each card is titled, dated and numbered by the artist for you. 

The back of the card will be inscribed for your order specifically, as the number of cards you order becomes a series unto itself. 


On the back of the card, Xaanja will write an inscription and name the series of cards.

Customers can choose to name their card, when ordering.


I do not offer refunds if the order has already shipped. 

I offer a replacement if your shipped order is lost.


It is with great pride and honour that I create these cards for you.

May 'Nature is Free' be shared as a lovely gift to someone close to you. 

Sincerely,  Xaanja Free


The Meaning Behind the Design:
Nature is Free--Represents the Unity of Nature.

Air, Earth, Water, Plants, Man and Animal
—Nature provides all our needs.  Life is Free. 
We are not born with coins in our hands
to make life accessible because Mother Nature provides all our needs.

Nature is Free reminds us to share nature -freely- to live.

Art Cards - (2 Colours)

  • Each card is handmade by Artist Xaanja Free.

    I use 110lb cardstock paper and Speedball Paint.

    The Process:  I fold each card by hand, some as half folds, others with an added space for a band of colour at the opening edge using the same pallette as the card colour.  

    If sparkle is requested, I sprinkle the sparkle on the card when the ink is wet, immediately upon the design being printed.  This way the sparkle embeds in the paint and stays in place creating a raised sparkle look to the image.

    Once printed (and sparkled) , I hang the cards to dry on a string line in the order they are created. 

    Numbering & Naming Cards

    Once dried, I title, date and number the cards according to the order they were made.  I number the cards from its first print of the pallette to the last of its colour--naming the cards as a "series" on the back of the card.  I name cards based on their colour pallettes. 

    **I offer customers the option to name their cards.** 

    Inscription on Back Includes Series Name & Number

    I write on the back of each card an inscription that this card was handprinted by me, I initial it, then I name the card series and indicate the number this card is of that series:

                    Handprinted by XF ~[Year]~ [Series Name] #/#

    Customers can name their card series when they order their cards.

    It is with great pride and honour that I create these cards for you. 

    May 'Nature is Free' be shared as a lovely gift to someone close to you. 

    Sincerely,  Xaanja Free

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