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About Xaanja Free

I am a Multi-Media Artist who enjoys a creative challenge! 

My skills have been developed from courses and from experience doing--I am a DESIGN THINKER.

As I create, I learn and develop ideas from what works and doesn't.  





 My passion is creating new ways of storytelling.


I love to create and research how to do --anything-- I am a creative being!

I follow my heart and try to understand the world around me through research, education, and learned experience.  I love to write poetry, short stories, silly songs, and create art in different mediums.  I share with you my soul-food, art--for pieces of my story are set within designs.



Materials and Media I work with are:

pen and paper (drawings, mindmaps, sketches for designing projects)

words (poetry, silly songs, short stories, research)

adobe creative suite (image alteration, produce print documents)

digital media  (film, edit & produce videos: training videos, video-art, trailers)

wire (sculptures--small & large)

paint (acrylics & watercolour)

dremmel (engraving/etching)

ceramics (functional pottery-art pieces)

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