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I Create Digital products

My strengths are:

planning/brainstorming, prototype development, design (& redesign),

using initiative, and implementing strategies to complete projects.

Throughout my studies at the University of Victoria, I have developed skills in Digital Media.

During my current studies at the University of British Columbia, I am developing skills in

research presentation and storytelling design through the use of animation programs and slides.  I troubleshoot media issues and use multiple programs & mediums to create the product I want.

I Produce Audio Commercials with Audacity (or my favorite program: Final Cut Pro). 


I Produce Videos with Final Cut Pro

I can easily learn to use other video production programs if needed. 

I have experience using iMovie, Adobe Premiere Pro, as well as online programs such as Powtoon (animation) and Biteable (video creator).  I prefer Final Cut Pro.

I Create Digital Products using different programs to create learning tools such as screen-casting videos, e-books, and animated presentations for engaging with information or sharing story. I have experience using Adobe Photoshop, In-Design, MS Publisher/Swift Publisher, Google docs/slides/drawings.

I Can Create 3-D Animation with Poser Debut (beginner level).

If you are in need of a creative perspective, contact me!

Audio Commercials

Short Documentary Video

Short Trailers/Videos

video editing/


Portrait Videos

Poetry-Art Videos

3-D Animation

Poser Debut

Education/Training Video

Video Pitch/Commercials

Screencasting Video

Introduction Videos

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