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Interactive Display Board

~ Library Book Wishes ~

Interactive BookWish Display xfree.jpg
Interactive BookWish Display 2 xfree .jp


To open conversation with the public, I created this interactive public display board for the

Victoria Native Friendship Centre's ~ Bruce Parisian Library during my UVic Co-op Position. 

I completed this on March 26, 2019 ~ it was on display Summer 2019.


 This interactive display is10 ft wide by 5 ft tall       

  Created large to draw attention to receive patron input.


Two portions of the display:

a Book Wishes Display and a Book Wish Box. 













The Book Wish Display          The Wish Box

where patrons can see book wishes                 the place for patrons to

         (little books flying away)                               make their Book Wish

~ books are drawn to look like               ~ books patrons wish to see

dandelion seeds flying~                                 upon the shelves,

Each have                                                within the collection

ISBN #'s and book titles                              of the Bruce Parisian Library~

on little papers

for patrons to take with them,

should they wish to fulfill a wish.

DandelionPens and WishBox XFree 2019.jpg
Interactive BookWish Display xfree.jpg

How I Created the Display

How You Can Create one too!

Time:  25 hours                     Tools: glue gun, staples, scissors, labels,

           overhead projector & laminator.


Materials Needed for Each Component:

Girl Blowing Dandelion

*enlarged with an overhead projector

onto white poster paper,

*cut out girl image in one cut,

then flip over,

*glue white portions to a

black poster paper.


~One Cut = Two Images~

16 Dandelions

*pipe cleaners



*glue gun

4 Dandelion Pens

*green straws

*pen inserts (taken out pens)

*green paint

*dandelion craft flowers


*green poster paper cut into strips

Dandelion Pen Vase

& Wish Box

*re-used plastic boxes from toys

*cut tops off into wavy flaps

*add stickers & silky cord

to wish box and pen vase,

*add blue glass stones for

'fake water' in the vase.

~stones add weight & stability

for holding pens upright.

*add a pad of paper for patrons

to add their wish to the wish box.


*photocopied on paper



*cut out

         Be Sure To Include

Instructions on Your Display

for Patrons to know what to do!

   Ta Da!

Now, YOU can make a display for your library too!

Dandelion Pens made with Straws
Pens to Fit Staws xfree.jpg
16 Dandelions.jpg
One Cut Two Images xfree.jpg
DandelionPens and WishBox XFree 2019.jpg
Interactive first.jpg
Library Poem XFree.jpg
Interactive BookWish Display 2 xfree .jp
Interactive BookWish Display xfree.jpg
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