Nature is Free


Nature is Free represents the unity of nature.
Air, earth, water, plants, man, and animal—nature provides our needs. Life is Free. We are not born with coins in our hands to make life accessible because Mother Nature provides all our needs.
Nature is Free reminds us to share nature-freely-to live. 

Nature is Free is an original design created from two different sketches from Xaanja’s sketchbook. In the process of its design, Raven appeared within the trees!

In 2014, Xaanja created a lino-cut design of her drawing. 

From this linocut, she creates 4X6 inch prints and handprinted cards for sale.

$20 each

Xaanja has since created many other forms of Nature is Free, it is also:

2018 * a small wire sculpture (4"x6")

2019* an acrylic painting (36"x24"),

2020* beadwork (4"x6"), and

2021* printed onto Glossy Cards (4"x6")

Natureis Free.jpg
Natureis Free.jpg
Nature is Free Wire Sculpture.jpg
Nature is Free_2019 XaanjaFree.jpeg
nif xfree blue sky green trees.jpg

Nature is Free

Made to Order Handprinted Cards & Prints

Design a card or/ art print with the colour palette of your choice
Xaanja will make it for you! 

$20 each.

No matter what colours or style you choose,
the price is the same per print.